AI-Powered Digital Assistant
for Business Professionals





Business client-centric

No installation


Human-like UX

Interacting via email!

"How an AI-powered Digital Assistant Increases Productivity in Business"

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Become faster

Brian provides you with information and support around the clock, 365 days a year.

Save money

Brian pools the access to multiple databases decreasing your fixed cost and increasing your flexibility.

Enter the digital age

Brian is your gate to state-of-the-art data sources and AI-powered services.


Brian was created for high-paced business environments, with focus on the consulting industry: data acquisition, analysis, creation and translation of documents – all with the highest standards for speed, quality and confidentiality. Brian helps to perform tasks that can be automated using the latest technology and the best data sources available. You interact with Brian via email – the most commonly used communication channel in business.

Top Skill 1: Powerpoint, Word and Excel Translation

Send an email to Brian saying, for example, “Brian, please translate the file from English to German”. Within 3 minutes you get your translated document back. Anytime, with all formatting kept. You only have to check and you are good to go! Brian translates PowerPoint, Word and Excel files from/to 100 languages.

Check the details for file translation!

Top Skill 2: Custom Icon Sets

Send an email to Brian saying, for example, “Send me icons for target”. Within 3 minutes, you will receive a slide with 50 alternative icons for the specific topic… or for thousands of topics. With these icons, you can pimp up your presentation and amaze your audience. All the custom icon sets are in PNG format so you can scale them up and change their color. If you don’t specify the topic, you receive Brian’s icon collection comprising of 3,000 icons.

Check the details for custom icon sets!

Top Skill 3: File conversion

Do you have a pdf of a document you need to adjust in MS word? And maybe it is even a scanned one, so even Adobe Pro is not helping you with that one? Or maybe you took a picture of a table you would like to convert into MS excel? Just email it to Brian saying for example, “Convert the pdf to word please”. Within 3 minutes, you will receive the converted file. Brian uses the best OCR engines available to help you in such situations!

Check the details for file conversion!

Top Skill 4: Industry benchmarks

You maybe know the situation: Your client or manager asks you for an industry benchmark—for net working capital, EBIT multiple or SG&A ratio. You can do research for hours… or just ask Brian. Whithin seconds, you can get one of 80 indicators for one of 100 industries. Alternatively, you can ask Brian for the whole dataset. You will be a hero.

Check the details for industry reports!

Skills planned

Up to 50 Skills to Come

Above you see examples of current skills of Brian. We have many more skills in the pipeline, while priorizing their development based on client requests. Example: Performing financial analysis for public companies; you will be able to ask for the financials of any listed company and within minutes you will get your sheets with all the financials and further information you need. No login, no plugin or other struggle. We are working on integrating up to 50 helpful skills in the near future.



Focus on clients we know

What all our clients have in common:

  • High speed intellectual work and long working hours
  • Large impact, value and quality requirements
  • Looking outside their own company
  • Need to be one step ahead
  • Essential importance of trust and data privacy

Client groups:

  • Management consulting companies
  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs/Freelancers/Start-ups